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National Rural Network


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ENRD Newsletter - February 2020



The 7th meeting of the European Rural Networks’ Assembly Sub-group on LEADER/CLLD (Brussels, 4 February 2020) discussed the state-of-play of proposals relating to LEADER/CLLD in the post-2020 legal framework.

Various Member States shared their experience of LEADER achievements and explained how lessons from this may be incorporated into their future CAP Strategic Plans. Discussion workshops allowed the participants to define their priorities for the future LEADER system, based on current practices in different contexts. An update on the progress of LEADER implementation was also given.

Presentations from the day are available on the event page.

  • How can LEADER facilitate and support climate action?

The highlights report of the LEADER Thematic Lab on 'Climate change mitigation and adaptation', which was held on 10 December 2019, is now published.

It includes key suggestions on how LEADER can initiate, plan, facilitate and support climate action in local rural territories.

The meeting - the third of a series of four ENRD Thematic Labs - identified the elements of an enabling LEADER framework for informing and supporting LAGs’ work with climate action

Read more on side


  • 10th meeting of the Thematic Group (TG) on Smart Villages

The 10th meeting of the Thematic Group (TG) on Smart Villages took place on 22 January 2020 in Brussels, Belgium with a focus on Renewable Energy Communities.

The meeting brought together 49 stakeholders from 20 Member States (MS) to consider how Smart Villages can support a transition to a low carbon economy in rural areas. In this context, the revised European Renewable Energy Directive requires Member States to create an enabling environment for Renewable Energy Communities (RECs) to help meet Europe’s targets for climate change.

  • Joint ENRD & Copa-Cogeca Workshop ‘Cultivating network connections’

To prepare the ground for future CAP networks, there is a need to reinforce the connections between the activities of rural networks with those of farming stakeholders both at EU and national level.

This workshop took place on 5 February 2020 in Brussels, Belgium and aimed to explore how networks can be increasingly interlinked, specifically focused on improving connections between farmers, farmer cooperatives and National Rural Networks (NRNs), highlighting existing good practice and identifying needs for future development.

More event information, including PowerPoint presentations, is available on the ENRD website.


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